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Suppose I have:

<div id="help">

How do I select the whole block, starting from <div id="help">, in Vim? Thanks!

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vat, as in Heptite's answer is the way to go.

Note that, depending on where the cursor is, you may need to type at a few more times until the whole <div> is selected.

Supposing the cursor is in a <td> you'd need vatatatat to select the whole <div>:

<div>      ^  at
  <table>  |  at
    <tr>   |  at
      <td> | vat

Another option would be to search backward for di(v) or he(lp) and select the whole tag with vat:

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Place your cursor within the opening or the closing tag and type "vat".


:help text-objects
:help v_at
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