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I am trying to get the information about the file modification on my local drive. There are two files in one directory whether one is modified or both the files are modified I dont know ?

I wanted to know is there any way to get this?

I used ls -lrt

It gives me the time information i.e. last modified time but i need change in size info as well

please help

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Unless you have a backup of those files prior to the time stamp that you already figured out, you can't. If you do have a backup you can compare the results of

echo $(( ` du -b file` - `du -b file2`))

... or if they are text based files, you can see what changed using

diff -urp file1 file2
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And if you don't have a backup, now is a good time to start making regular backups. – RedGrittyBrick Jul 19 '12 at 9:35

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