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I need to find the maximum threads per processor in the following systems. So far

1. Redhat Linux         -> cat /proc/sys/kernel/threads-max
2. HPUX 11.31 [ia64]    -> kctune | grep max_thread_proc
3. Solaris 10 [ SPARC ] ->  ??
4. AIX 6.1(TL5)         ->  ??

Please help me find out for Solaris and AIX.

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AIX's is in the file /etc/security/limits. Say you wanted to work with the root user, and limit / set the number of threads per processor. The file is made up of stanzas:

    fsize = -1
    core = -1
    cpu = -1
    data = -1
    rss = -1
    stack = -1
    nofiles = -1
    threads = 1024

Threads per processor is now set to 1024 (-1 means unlimited). To verify this is working, log in as root and type in:

ulimit -a 

You should see threads show up as 1024.

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i do not have root permission, though I got a solution thanks – Abhishek Simon Jul 27 '12 at 6:33

I found these

AIX     -> getconf -a | grep PTHREAD_THREADS_MAX
SOLARIS -> getconf -a | grep PTHREAD_THREADS_MAX
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