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Does anyone have a guide to building a car PC with a touchscreen?

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Rolling your own Car PC

DIY HACK – HOWTO build your own in-car PC

personally i'm using a 701 4G with an overclocked celeron CPU as the base for my in-car-pc (twas free, the screen was broken). it's perfect for my needs (SatNav, HD video playback, etc.).

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carpc is just any OS that you can mount and show in a touch screen, the touch is like a click of a mouse, like POS interact, you need the OS first, choose Linux, Windows Mobile, whatever, then develop your app for the screen size that you got, test it normally with a mouse click, cause it is the same in the touch screen, remember to create big buttons cause fingers are some times bigger that the mouse pointer :)

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It's a few years old, but O'Reilly has a "Car PC Hacks" book:

Car PC Hacks

You can also find a lot of well focused articles (better than just doing a Google search and wading through the results) by searching for "Car PC" on Make's blog:

Search Make for "Car PC"

Lot's of good stuff there.

Volume 3 of Make Magazine had an article about Car PC's. As others have suggested, you want a low power CPU, an OS with a touch screen interface (preferably), and a shock proof mounting. Power inverters (and some power filters) can run it.

A good option that many people have done is to use a cellular modem and a wireless router to make your car a hot-spot - that way you can use your laptop or smartphone anywhere near your car.

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