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This is the project that I am talking about. However, there is no mention of the way that it can be installed.

I have installed Tomcat. I have also svn-checked out the src code with:

svn checkout shadowolf-read-only

After a bit of looking around, I decided to run ant. After satisfying the Ivy library dependancy - the project was built. But, the resulting file is a .jar? How am I supposed to run that with Tomcat? Or was it supposed to be built some other way?


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Try running the .jar file with the command

java -jar PACKAGENAME.jar
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then where does the Tomcat/Jetty part come in? – BBK Jul 22 '12 at 11:32

The main class is not specified in the MANIFEST of the jar file, therefore the variant with java -jar Shadowolf-1.0-prealpha.jar will not work. Try this one:

java -cp Shadowolf-1.0-prealpha.jar com.shadowolf.Shadowolf

For further question I would contact one of the members of the project.

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