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I'm looking at the available options for a LED monitor having full HD capability (1920x1080 native resolution), and I'm considering the following criteria for choosing a monitor:

  • Screen size
  • Native resolution
  • Refresh time

My question is, what combination of the above would translate to the "best" usability experience, in terms of:

  • Least eye strain (the monitor is to be used by my parents, who are 50+ years old)
  • Image quality (sharper/better images)
  • Video quality (I understand lesser response time translates to lesser artifacts)

If anyone were to add any criteria that I've missed, both in terms of selection of a LED monitor and in terms of viewing experience, feel free to add them in comments/edits...

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Least eye strain/Image quality:

You really need to look at more specs then you listed here. E.g. most screens based on TN (twisted nematic displays) are cheap but offer poor viewing angles and inaccurate colours. This is not a problem if you sit in front of your computer.

It is a problem if you get a 30 inch TN screen and set behind the computer with a few people. One setting next to the other and thus looking at the screen via a larger angle.

I can notice the in accurate colours on my 26" IIyama when I open a paint and fill the screen with a single colour. I do not notice it in regular use (e.g. surfing the net).

Video quality/response time: All of them would do equally well for non gaming.

Response times where an issue in ye old days, when a typical value was 50ms. These days all displays are fast enough for almost any usage. If your parents are into high FPS gaming then get one with a response time then 10ms.

Also, this seems a shopping question. I suggest to rephrase it so it does not get closed.

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Thanks, rephrased! – TCSGrad Jul 19 '12 at 17:58

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