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Ubuntu/Windows 7 user here,

I have a zip file that I am trying to extract. In windows I get an error. In Ubuntu, the archive manager I get a "PPMd method is not supported"

I read about 'e', a ruby based exctractor in ubuntu, but I get the same result, "PPMd method is not supported"

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I was able to extract the file you linked using 7-Zip without any problems. I did this on Windows XP Pro 32-bit and also Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. I have found that 7-Zip is a very good archiver.

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Terrific! thank you! – torrho Jul 19 '12 at 16:14

On Ubuntu, you could use the command line: 7z x which should support the PPMd method. That file ( read just fine on the zip utility (compressed folders) built in to Windows 7. Update: It read the list of files, but couldn't read the files themselves.

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