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Possible Duplicate:
How can I see all active connections?

I have some conflict of ports and my WampServer didn't work, so I have to know which port is used.

Is there a command line command ? or any program to monitor the ports ?

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To list open ports and listening services, then from within command prompt, type

netstat -a


netstat -an

For more details, in command prompt type

netstat ?
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Telnet attempts to connect to a server on a port

telnet <hostname> <port>

You will either connect, or not.

Simple tried and true method.

Works on Windows or Linux

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To get the most information about what ports are open, what state they're in, and other relevant network information, I would suggest you download nmap. It's a free network mapper/port scanner, and by typing either nmap -v in Command Prompt or in the "Host" or "Target" field in the GUI counterpart (called Zenmap), you will quickly obtain any information you need about open ports on your computer.

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