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In Excel or Access(preferably) I want to do the following: I have company names matched with their zip codes like:

Ozer LTD-55200
Gelibolu INC.-34759

and also I have some strings like ze and ibolu which are substrings of the company names and I have a list of zipcodes. I want to extract from the companyname-zipcode list the companies that contain ze and ends with 55200 zipcode or another example: company name contains ibolu and ends with 34759 zipcode.

In short I need a function like: Matching strings that includes "xyz" and ends with "01234"

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you can use a query that has the criteria LIKE "*ze*" AND LIKE "*55200"

the first like has * at both ends of the comparison string to match anywhere
the second like only has a * at the beginning, so the matching string has to appear at the end

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thank you for your answer but I need a generic formula for that since I have 1000 unique rows in total – Timothy Jul 23 '12 at 8:10
to make the query generic, use LIKE "*" & [field1] & "*" AND LIKE "*" & [field2] – SeanC Jul 23 '12 at 13:00

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