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I didn't notice another discussion regarding this problem I have been having so I figured it would be safe to ask.

I have just recently installed Mysql database and workbench on a computer. I open up the workbench to establish a new connection to the database on the localhost and I test the connection - Mysql workbench suggests that the connection parameters are correct. So I go back to the main Workbench program and click on the connection I just made so I can start creating tables and filling them out graphically. But when I click on the connection it shows the splashscreen and then tells me "Connection Cancelled" in the status bar on the bottom. I am able to right click on the connection that I just made and start the command line client and edit it that way.

What gives? I don't think I have permissions issues missing since I am able to get to the command line console...

I am running Windows server 2008 r2

Thank you,

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I had exactly the same issue on the same server configuration. In my case I fixed it by changing the server in the connection string from "localhost" to "". i.e. your guess at localhost resolution worked for me.

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A resolution, more than less. I am still unsure on why I am kept from being able to access the localhost mysql database, but I was able to connect to it remotely no problem. Perhaps its some stupid Microsoft firewall or localhost resolution issues. Who knows. Someone has an answer to that i'm all ears.

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