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I am looking to find words of 14 or more characters in Notepad++. Any ideas?

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Unfortunately notepad++ doesn't do regex multipliers so you have to do a regex search (Search -> Find -> Search Mode = 'Regular Expression') for:


Each '\w' is a word character (not spaces or punctuation ect.) and the last '\w+' means that it should find one or more of them so the expression mean 14 or more word characters.

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This works, but newer version of Notepad++ support multipliers. @Will: The word character (\w) also matches digits (0-9) and underscores (_). This might or might not be what you want. – Dennis Jul 20 '12 at 21:34
Cool, looks like I was testing it on an earlier version. Then \w{14,} should work or [A-z]{14,} if you want to only include alphabetic letters. – Godwin Jul 22 '12 at 3:04
Yes, \w{14,} will work as expected. However, be aware that [A-z] is not the same as [A-Za-z], since it includes the following characters: [\]^_`​ – Dennis Jul 22 '12 at 3:12

If you use Notepad++ 6, you can take advantage of the new regex engine that supports PCRE (source).

Press Ctrl + F and perform the following search:

Find:        [A-Za-z]{14,}
Search mode: Regular Expression

[A-Za-z] means every uppercase or lower case letter. {14,} means 14 times or more.

Note that [A-Za-z] won't work reliably for texts in some languages. To include all letter characters from the Windows-1252 character encoding, use [A-Za-zƒŠŒŽšœžŸªµºÀ-ÖØ-öø-ÿ] instead.

For more information on regular expressions, consult

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