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The new overview of Thunderbird 14 says: Posteingang (100) / Inbox (100)

The number should be the actual number of emails in the inbox. But I have actually 205 emails in y inbox. So why does it say all the time on the overview, that there are only 100 emails in my inbox?

I mean the overview where you can see the used space, when you sent the emails (graphs) and the most emails contacts in the last few days)

It seems it is a problem with https://bitbucket.org/squib/mail-summaries/wiki/Home (2.0)

Anyone got some experience with it?

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What makes you think this number is for the total number of mails in a mailbox? While I must admit I am not absolutely sure about where you read this, the numbers in braces after the name in the folder pane show the count of unread mails in the corresponding mailboxes. –  Gurken Papst Jul 20 '12 at 20:47
seems it is a problem with 2.0 of bitbucket.org/squib/mail-summaries/wiki/Home –  Daniel Ruf Jul 21 '12 at 10:55

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