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I have a table of data (5000+ rows) with two columns, ID and value.

It may look like this:

ID Value
01 02
01 03
01 17
02 05
03 06
03 28

What I want to do is find the average value for each ID. i.e. =AVERAGE(rows where id=1)

How can I go about this?

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You have answers here, but if your result seem to not come out, make sure your values with leading zeroes are not considered text. – datatoo Jul 23 '12 at 14:35

In Excel 2007 and beyond use AVERAGEIF



Will return the average of the values in B2:B7 where the corresponding value in A2:A7 is 1.

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That works great for average. Figured it out for 'maxif' =MAX(IF($B$2:$B$4988=G1,$C$2:$C$4988)) – gdogg Jul 20 '12 at 22:32

And, if you need the averages for all the ID values (not just "01"), use a pivot table and summarize by the "average":

enter image description here

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