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I'm planning to buy a Drobo device (a RAID array that acts as an external hard drive), and I need to know which port configuration is sufficient for my needs. If I'm planning to use it to store and play 1080p movies, and maybe install and play games. Does it matter if I connect my computer to it via USB 2, USB 3, or eSata? Obviously some of these ports are faster than others, but what I'm asking here is if the speed difference matters for my needs. Will USB 2 be good enough, or do I need one of the faster options?

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@OliverSalzburg Done. – EpsilonVector Jul 21 '12 at 11:15
For playing movies USB2 is enough. If you ever want to copy a few more to the NAS it will take ages. Go for USB3 or eSATA. Personally I prefer eSATA because it has less overhead and needs no extra drivers. – Hennes Jul 21 '12 at 14:13
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For movies, USB 2 will be plenty, but for some games the extra speed of USB3/eSATA might be beneficial. This greatly varies from game to game, though. After the initial loading of a level, I don't think most games need that much HDD anymore.

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