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My question is similar to

but, I am using Iceweasel (on Linux) which, supposedly, is almost the same as Firefox. Where are the cookies stored, how can they be read, etc? To find answers to such questions,

I looked for files that have the string "cookie" in their name. There are two such files in an inner subdirectory of my home directory, namely, cookies.sqlite and cookies.sqlite-journal. But the files can't be opened. Besides, I am not sure if these are really the files that uphold the cookies. Mind you, I also checked Edit > Preferences > Privacy. Still did not get what I am looking for.

I am hoping to get the location of the cookies, open them, possibly tamper with them, etc. Put simply, I am looking for any information that adds to my insight about cookies.

Anyone has any idea?

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According to this website, Firefox cookies are stored in an SQLite database. Iceweasel is the same.

I found the database at:


I was able to open it using the Iceweasel extension SQLite Manager or using the SQLite3 application.

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Thank you very much for your answer. That was very helpful. – Parviz Jul 21 '12 at 21:35

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