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Possible Duplicate:
Windows Installer using usb drive for temp purposes

Recently I re-installed windows 7 to a 64GB SSD. However, I'm noticing a strange behavior. Windows updates are taking forever. I noticed that the temp cache is being dumped to my external slow usb G: drive. Where I see directories like: a73187a30a698b471f2e142a322a41fc being created for every windows update.

Why is windows using G: and not C:? is there a registry setting that I can change? If I disconnect G: I get G: not found errors even for regular msi files.

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Check you environment variables. They usually have an entry for %TMP% and %temp%.

Screenshot of system panel with Advanced system setting circled Screenshot of Environment variable screen

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thanks, but my env variables are set correctly. – Vivek Jul 21 '12 at 22:43

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