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I recently used Boot Camp to install Windows 7 on a small partition on my MBP, and have found the need to extend the partition for more space. Through the use of several tools, I have managed to extend the partition so that my Windows 7 partition is 100GB.

However, when I boot to Windows, it still seems to think that it is only 50GB.

The following are approximations

Windows Disk Management says: Windows 50GB, OS X 250GB

GParted and Paragon Partition Manager both say: Windows 100GB, OS X 200GB

The third party tools I have are correct, but that really doesn't help me. I've run both chkdsk /f and chkdsk /r on the drive, but neither fixed the issue. chkdsk did however recognize all of the free space on the partition, which is slightly confusing.

Is there a way I can get my Windows 7 install to recognize the extra disk space?

I have a backup of my Windows installation, so if there is a way to restore that into a larger Boot Camp partition, I could work with that as well. Also, I have access to the tools listed above.

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Have you used rEFIt to sync the MBR and GPT?

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I tried using rEFIt, but I'm getting an error: NOT FOUND returned from gbtsync.efi (or something like that). I've researched it a little bit, but I'm not finding any way to get around that... – Jordan Foreman Jul 22 '12 at 22:34
It looks as though that may be an issue with rEFIt.. However, some have had success with gptsync using an Ubuntu LiveCD. These steps taken from here: - Grab an Ubuntu live CD and boot - Install gptsync_0.13-10 or higher from *Debian* packages (Ubuntu doesn't ship it, and the original rEFIt doesn't have the fix (yet?). Download from and install with dpkg --install - Run gptsync on the affected disk – Typherix Jul 22 '12 at 23:51

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