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I am debugging javascript on a web page using Chrome Web Developer Tools. On Windows, I can use F11 to step into a function while using the debugger.

However, when I press F11 on my Mac, The volume just increases. F11 + fn doesn't do it either. How can I use Chrome Web Developer keyboard shortcuts on a Mac?

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  • Continue: F8 or Command-/ (forward slash) on Mac or Control-/ (forward slash) on other platforms.
  • Step over: F10 or Command-' (apostrophe) on Mac or Control-' (apostrophe) on other platforms.
  • Step into: F11 or Command-; (semi-colon) on Mac or Control-; (semi-colon); on other platforms.
  • Step out: Shift-F11 or Shift-Command-; (semi-colon) on Mac or Shift-Control-; (semi-colon) on other platforms.
  • Next call frame: Control-. (period) on all platforms.
  • Previous call frame: Control-, (comma) on all platforms.


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  1. Go to System setting -> Keyborad -> Keyboard.

    Make sure you have Enabled Use F1/F2 as standard function keys.

  2. Go to System setting -> Keyborad -> Keyboard Shortcuts.

    Choose Mission Control on the left panel, then look to the right panel and disable F11 to Show Desktop.

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Coming from Windows to OS X, this is one of the biggest annoyances I have struggled with the past two weeks... Now I can debug properly lol. FANKOOOOOO! –  Gavin Jul 10 '13 at 15:07
This should be the accepted answer. –  JohnnyO Oct 26 '14 at 6:16

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