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How do I unlock fn keys? It is always "locked" whenever I used my keyboard.

So it is difficult to use this keyboard as I have to press the Fn key all the time when I type something on my keyboard.

My question is how to make my keyboard act normally and so that I do not have to hold the Fn key all the time?

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Whar did you mean by type? What key do you want to unlock? F1..F12? –  Maximus Jul 22 '12 at 10:30

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This page details some of the potential problems:

If you are getting weird text like

he3* th5s s4c2s - th5s 5s w5th64t h63d5ng the f 2ey

when you type

help this sucks - this is without holding the f key

Then it may be that rather than your Fn key being locked you instead have you Numlock enabled and a "short" keyboard that lacks a number pad and instead uses an Fn key to toggle Numlock. Try pressing either the Numlock key or Fn+Numlock to toggle Numlock status.

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