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I have a Win XP netbook with a busted internal panel, and I'm planning to repurpose it as a home server of sorts. As a first step, I installed TeamViewer (amazing cross-platform client support!) using an external monitor.

When I had the external monitor hooked up, I used hotkeys on the system itself to switch to "external only" mode, then it ran at the native resolution (720p) just fine. Now, with the monitor disconnected, I can't find any way to get a desktop resolution other than the internal panel native, which is a lousy 1024x600.

Can I fake the system into thinking it has an external monitor connected? If not, can I somehow coax the registry into letting me set an arbitrary resolution on the primary (internal, broken) display? I'm not worried about damaging the panel or anything -- my 3-year-old took care of that for me :D

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