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I need to print the filename to my pdf (in the header or footer).

I'm using Adobe Reader, but i can also use Foxit pdf reader or anyother free pdf reader.

Is it possible to do this?

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if you're willing to use the command line and install ghostscript and pdftk, the related Print PDF file with file path in footer has usable answers. – matt wilkie Feb 4 '13 at 20:40

Yes, you can use Adobe Reader by writing a filename in notes:

  1. Add a Sticky note
  2. Write a filename
  3. Go to Comments and then to the option icon
  4. Go to Comments preferences
  5. Mark "Print notes and pop-ups".

I'm using portuguese written Adobe Reader, so it maybe not be exactly like an english one.

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To the late googlers, I made a program that will do this for free, sourcecode included:
Youtube video
Download link

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I have no experience with Foxit, however I can confirm this capability does not exist in Adobe Reader.

It is very simple in Adobe Acrobat, if you can access that software. Tools->Header and Footer->Add Header and footer.

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if you are willing to use a commercial application:

  1. Go to the Get More Editor
  2. Click "Insert text with parameters"
  3. Add "Print job name"

enter image description here


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