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I work for a large organisation that has had a somewhat fragmented approach to document / knowledge management. This is now changing and we have been mandated to move to Office 365 and the use of SharePoint 10.

For the last year my project has been using subversion as a document store and I need to find a way to migrate the documents, and document version history and check in comments to SharePoint. The entire repository currently sits at around 300GB, and after trimming the obvious cruft I am still left with ~100GB to migrate. No doubt this can be reduce further, but it gives an idea of the size of the migration.

I've tried googling for this and found a number of other people asking similar questions but with no resolution.

Has anyone any experience with this sort of migration that could point me in the right direction?

Ideally, due to the byzantine purchasing policy implemented by my organisation I'd like to avoid any commercial solutions if possible!

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SVN and SharePoint are different products. AFAIK there is no automated tool to migrate repo data with history to SharePoint. Could you please clarify in your Q what kind of migration do you expect? BTW why migrate from SVN to SharePoint!? –  bahrep Jul 24 '12 at 10:18

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