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I have a Samsung mini laptop with Windows 7 Home premium installed. Any time I start a program that can access the clipboard, I find that a graphic is already on it (without me adding it). I have deleted every entry on the clipboard, but sure enough, the graphic is back the next time I start a progran. The applications I am using are Microsoft Office 2010 applications. I have even taken the drastic step of restoring my system to "first time user" statis and reinstalled all software. This does not happen on my other Windows 7 PCs. Any ideas to try to correct this? James asked what the graphic is. It appears to be a black/white Bluetooth sign. I say this because occaisionally, I will have a colored one of those appear as well.

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@Huskehn yes, the question was edited in response to that comment. –  Mr.Wizard Jul 30 '12 at 17:27
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