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I just installed vsftpd on my Turnkey Linux virtual machine and I can connect to it, a prompt is displayed asking me for my password.

What is the default username/password for vsftpd?

I also enabled anonymous usage in etc/vsftpd.conf but it's still asking me to enter a password when I try to login using "anonymous" as my username.


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Did you also turn on the no_anon_password=YES setting in vsftpd.conf? – allquixotic Jul 23 '12 at 16:13

Make sure you have anonymous enable in vsftpd.conf


If this is enable & anonymous is not working, Check if selinux is not blocking it.

# setenforce 0

There can be numerous issues with vsftp & selinux in regard of home directory, ftp connecting to database for authentication.

Try to login with ftp as username & password.

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