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I am downloading a very large torrent (~60GB) and when deluge clients starts up it takes a lot of time to check the parts downloaded during witch it uses a lot the hardisk that leads to a very slow computer.

Is there a way to skip this checking ? or make it be less aggressive on the hardrive ?

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Try to pause the download in Deluge before stopping it - this way, I believe, it will not verify the local data when you start it

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The checking is part of the way Bittorrent works. Since the BT protocol treats each chunk separately, the client needs to make sure that every chunk has the proper checksum/hash before it "knows" whether a chunk has been downloaded or not.

Usually it happens pretty seamlessly in the background, but for a 60GB download, the program will have to check every bit of the 60GB set aside on the hard drive to see what's been downloaded and what hasn't been. I don't think there are clients that don't do this check when starting a new session, since I imagine it'd still have to check to make sure nothing's been moved/changed/deleted since the last session

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To Shane "I don't think there are clients that don't do this check when starting a new session". Yes, there is: uTorrent. It saves the session, so after a reboot it doesn't have to recheck everything. Having open 400GB of torrents, this is a lifesaver-feature. The main reason why Deluge isn't a good torrentprogram yet.

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It's not possible to skip this check in torrent clients.

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Try setting deluge priority lower than normal

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