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I run synergy server on my Windows machine, and the client on my Mac. When i used emacs23, all keys were recognized properly. I just upgraded to emacs24 and now the control key from the Windows keyboard doesn't work, e.g. Ctrl-n or -f do not move the cursor down or forward, though the control key is still recognized outside of emacs.

Other notes:

  • I have both machines' caps lock keys made into a second control key.
  • When i hit Ctrl-n on emacs from the server's keyboard, it's as though emacs24 is stalling because nothing happens until i hit another key, e.g. a-z.

UPDATE: opened a bug ticket at

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It's perfectly possible this is a bug. Historically, i have found all kinds of weird bugs with the keyboard and Synergy. Have you tried posting on the official Synergy Foss Question site? – Oliver G Jul 24 '12 at 14:20
Done:… – nymo Jul 24 '12 at 14:46

This was a bug in emacs. It's been fixed (as per your bug report), and the 24.2.1 version for mac works as expected with synergy for me.

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