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I have a program that crashed, its GUI is frozen, and I would like to kill it.

However there is no trace of it among the current processes.

I tried both top and ps -A, but I got nothing.

The program is NetBeans 7.2. Could the reason be that it is a Java program, and what I need to kill is Java itself?

Thank you!

System: OpenSuse 11.4

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Yes, it's java.

I'd try:

ps auwwwx | grep '[j]ava' 

Then see which is the netbeans one. You could also try running in a terminal:


and click on the NetBeans window to kill it

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I got two processes from ps. I could kill just one of them, the other seemed to be immortal. With xkill I solved the problem. Thank you! – Pietro Jul 25 '12 at 8:24

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