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I just copied a very large file (> 10 gb) from one EC2 server to another using rsync:

rsync -asv -P xtrabackup_2012_07_08_21h20m.tar.gz staging:/mnt/backups

This took a couple of hours. Then, after reaching 100% on the transfer, I saw this error:

rsync: mkstemp "/mnt/.backups.rqGSSe" failed: Permission denied (13)

Now, I get that this was probably my fault. I didn't even create the "backups" directory on the target machine (totally just forgot); and anyway, I might not have set up the folder permissions properly either. But: where did the file go?

If possible I'd like to fix whatever issues caused the "Permission denied" error and then just copy the data from rsync to the /mnt/backups directory. But I can't find it anywhere. It took all that time to transfer; surely it's sitting on the hard disk somewhere, right?

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