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So I've seen several posts say that installing Guest Additions for VirtualBox 4 running Ubuntu (host is Windows 7) should allow you to set a resolution higher than 800x600. There is also this answer on SuperUser, but the last comment says its deprecated for VB4.

I have installed guest additions, but the max resolution is still 1024x768. I want to up it to at least 1280x1024. I have set the display memory for the box at the max of 128.

Is this just as good as it gets, or am I missing something?

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@Mechanicalsnail That worked. For some reason it doesnt work when hitting the maximize button, but I will live. You should add this as answer. – Tyrsius Jul 31 '12 at 2:23

VirtualBox is supposed to resize the guest display to the size of the VirtualBox window on the host (if you select the relevant option). But unfortunately it's finicky.

Try resizing the window and waiting a few seconds. Repeat a few times if necessary. If that doesn't resize the guest, try rebooting the guest.

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