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Is it possible to find the aliases that correspond to a certain folder (and perhaps its sub-directories, too) using Windows cmd? I've tried searching, but it gives me results related to creating aliases for commands, like in Bash. I'm connecting to Windows Server 2008 R2 from a Windows 7 client.

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By alias, do you mean hard links and/or symlinks? – Dennis Jul 26 '12 at 15:49
I'm mainly looking for symlinks, but both, if that's possible... – FlyingMolga Jul 26 '12 at 18:57
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Symbolic links and directory junctions

With dir, you can list all symlinks and junctions in a specific folder and its subfolders.

If you pipe the result to find, you can filter out any links that do not interest you.


  • To find all symlinks and junctions on C: that point to C:\Users, use

    dir C:\ /al /s | find /i "[C:\Users]"
  • To find all symlinks and junctions on C: that point to C:\Users or one of its subdirectories, use

    dir C:\ /al /s | find /i "[C:\Users\"

Unfortunately, this won't tell where the files are located. grep for Windows gives better results:


dir C:\ /al /s | grep -Pi "Directory of|\[C:\\Users\]"
dir C:\ /al /s | grep -i "Directory of\|\[C:\\Users\\\\"

Note that you have to escape the brackets, double the backslashes and quadruple a trailing backslash.

Hard links

Because hard links are directly associated to a file by the file system, it's much easier/faster to find them.

To find all hard links to file, use

fsutil hardlink list file
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