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I have a big Word document (about 150 pages).

It was very quick until about 120 pages. Then I added about 25 pages, with the following content: - 1 section with a small sized font table with smaller page margins than default - 1 section with a lot of small tables (no Excel, just created within Word). - Header & footer text

When going inside/beyond the first added section (and further) repaginating starts which is very slow and seems to start over all again after pressing a cursor key/page up/down etc.

What I tried: - Moving the content to a new document. I don't like this because I need hours to fix the headers/footers. - Copied it piece by piece, doesn't really change.

What I don't like: - Turning off background repagination (only if this is the last solution) - Removing (I use 9 heading levels).

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Sounds like the document has somehow become corrupted. What about if you copy the entire document into a blank document (using CTRL+A). Does the issue still occur then? – Adam Aug 1 '12 at 1:27
I tried again and it copies but it's still slow. HOwever the repagination problem is now gone. It takes about 15 seconds to move from one page to another from a certain section. – Michel Keijzers Aug 2 '12 at 22:50
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I switched to Office 2010. Although it is still not fast, it is a lot faster in the 'problem' part of my document and most important: the repagination is quite fast.

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