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I need the Workspace Switcher in Unity's Launcher at the very top just below Dash or Nautilus. I need this because when I run VirtualBox the commands CtrlAlt/// are not available and so need to get to the desktop switcher to speed up things.

Since my Launcher is crowded, I need to scroll the launcher to switch to a different workspace, which is a waste since I run a fullscreen emulator in one window and gnome terminals and browsers in another, and need to switch frequently.

How do I place the Desktop Switcher at the top of Unity launcher? For other apps you just long-mouse-press and then drag, but I am not able to drag the workspace switcher. The same is true for Dash and the Trashcan -- everything else I can move, but not the desktop switcher. Was wondering if there's an XML file somewhere on the filesystem where I can configure such behavior.

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Seeing you received no answer within 16 hours: You might want to try asking on askubuntu (or request to have your question migrated to that place). – Izzy Jul 27 '12 at 10:57
Sure, how can I have my question migrated? – John Goche Jul 27 '12 at 11:53
I never did that myself, but this question is handled at meta: How do I properly migrate my question. To make it short: you can "flag" it to be migrated (see the "flag" link directly below your questions tags). – Izzy Jul 27 '12 at 12:20

Currently, it is not possible to move the location of the Workspace switcher in the Unity launcher. Follow the relevant bug report for updates.

Since you cannot use Ctrl inside of the VirtualBox, you can perhaps use Super + S, which mimics the functionality of the Workspace Switcher.


From Unity 6.6 onwards, you can now move the Workspace switcher icon.

Workspace icon

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