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I binded two files image1.png and image2.png using command copy /b image1.png+image2.png bindedimage.png. How can i extract bindedimage.png to image1.png and image2.png?

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Any particular reason you did this? What are you trying to do? – Daniel Beck Jul 26 '12 at 18:24
IMHO it would be better to put the two file inside another container, like a zip or 7-zip archive which will make them easy to extract. You can also disable compression if it's a waste of time (as is often the case with image files). – martineau Jul 26 '12 at 19:21

You can't do this reliably, since the information where file 1 ends and file 2 starts was not stored anywhere. They're just a single blob of bytes now.

However, if both files were PNGs, you can try to separate them by analyzing their structure: a PNG file always starts with the "signature" (bytes 8950 4e47 0d0a 1a0a) and always ends with an IEND chunk (0000 0000 4945 4e44 ae42 6082). Split the files at the place where the first IEND chunk follows the second signature. There is no program to do this, however.

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