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Possible Duplicate:
Software store/market for Windows with freeware?
App store for Windows

Is there anything like the Ubuntu Software Center for Windows (i. e., a software application that makes it easy to install software, and also manages package dependencies?)

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RuckZuck is a solution - all other alternatives are listed at – koppor Sep 25 '15 at 13:00
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It seems like Windows 8 might bring something along that has the same idea as an application store for Windows software

enter image description here

Lets just cross our fingers and hope it does not die after a year of launching and can supply decent software for all users.

There were also a few packages manager prototypes for Windows, but they never really took off, I remember hearing a lot off fuzz win-get and how it would bring apt-get easiness to Windows, but visiting the page now I can see that a lot was dropped since back then and the repository has mostly outdated software.

I also found Npackd, seems decent and the repository has a couple of hundred applications.

enter image description here

And Speed Install

enter image description here

They can help you out installing Windows software and even though they might not be actual stores they are close to a package manager and installer for Windows.

Other than that there are a few known sites out there with services that might be used the same way as an application store: is one of them but not really an application store as the Ubuntu Software Center.

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No, but Windows 8 will have the Windows Store, something very similar. There might be similar alternatives, though, but I have never heard of one and I doubt they would be complete enough for the needs of most users.

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Besides the upcoming Windows Store on Windows 8, allmyapps is a service that does what you're describing.

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