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On my NAS (an incredibly basic and reliable DNS-323), I use mldonkey to download files.
It worked quite well during the last 3 years, but it seems now mldonkey doesn't work.

Indeed, each time I start mldonkey, it crashes after a few hours of execution, complaining for Too many open files. Due to the fact mldonkey worked without any trouble during years, I wonder what can make it fail.

According to some web results, I tried to ulimit -n 5000, but it didn't changed anything : mldonkey continued to fail.

What's more, it seems that when I restart mldonkey (but not the NAS), it fails far faster (which lead me to think open files are not mldonkey ones.

How can I check which files are open, and what could I do to fix that?

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as per Thibaud's answer : run lsof and post the output to mldonkey forum or bugtracker, cause mldonkey shouldn't exceed the configured limit – ygrek Aug 1 '12 at 13:23
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You can use lsof to see wich files are open (apt-get install lsof on Debian-based linux)

List files open by user root:

lsof -u root

List files open by proc xxx:

lsof -p xxx

Show the number of files open by proc xxx:

lsof -p xxx | wc -l

When you change ulimit i am not sure that live process take the new value. Check also your /etc/security/limits.conf. It may define higher limit than 5000 by default. Notice that ulimit Limit user resources and if your NAS launch each process under the same user, 5000 doesn't seem so high.

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