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I got Mutt working with the default IMAP password management configuration with this line in my config:

set imap_pass = XXXX

Which is obviously not secure. I looked at this and

For guidance on how to encrypt the data. Neither solution worked for me though. The Arch linux one seems ideal because I would rather not use a wrapper everytime I start Mutt.

I did gpg --gen-key and set name to John Doe, email to and comment to XXX.

I created a file with this data

set EMAIL_PASS = random30digitpassword

I tried encrypting my file with

gpg -e -r "John Doe" ./password

Now if I want to decrypt it should just work without a prompt because I am the one with the keystore but alas if I execute this following command it still prompts for a password

gpg2 -dq password.gpg

Not only did that not work but with this as my Mutt config:

source "gpg2 -dq /home/John/password.gpg | "

set folder      = imaps://
set imap_user   =
set imap_pass   = $EMAIL_PASS
set spoolfile   = +INBOX

It complains that that path does not exist (and no password prompt comes up)

So I am pretty much stumped because it isn't working from two angles. Any ideas?

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According to the mutt manual, user-defined variables should always have the my_ prefix. So, rename EMAIL_PASS with my_email_pass both in the encrypted file and in .muttrc.

Also, what happens when you type gpg -dq /home/John/password.gpg from the command line? Does it decrypt the password file?

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I know this is late, but someone else may have this problem too. Try removing the space from between the quote and the pipe. It worked for me.

"gpg2 -dq /home/John/password.gpg |"
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