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Mac Mini Core i5-2520M (mid 2011 model) plus external Fire Wire Freecom 1GB drive


  • Vanilla setup - ie. a single visible OSX 10.7 (Lion) partition plus hidden recovery partition
  • File Vault switched off (understand this is File Vault 2 in Lion)
  • Simple unecrypted Time Machine backup to FireWire drive
  • Used for standard dev work with XCode for IOS/OSX


  • Dual boot OSX 10.7 (Lion) & 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • File Vault 2, or some other whole disk encryption, switched on
  • Encrypted Time Machine backup to Firewire drive
  • Alternative encrypted bootable backups to Firewire drive
  • Manual rotation of backups to multiple Firewire drives

Progress so far:

  • Repartioned external Firewire drive to 3 HFS+ partions
  • Renamed 2nd partion to "TIME MACHINE" for Time Machine backups
  • Purchased Super Duper for bootable backups
  • Renamed 3rd partion to "SUPER DUPER" for Super Duper backups

Uncertain things:

  • Whether File Vault 2 will cut it for dual boot OSX10.7/10.8
  • How partions will be identified by backup programs - ie. human readable name or partion id - and how this affects rotation of FireWire drives
  • Best (reasonably safe) order to proceed from here

What's the best way to achieve something like the desired setup?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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