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I'm trying to start Minix and the CD will load but then it just hags and infinitely probes for a device. Do you recognize this problem? I've got a Dell Optiplex 745 that can run Ubuntu with no problems so it should be able to run Minix. Do you have any suggestions what I could do to improve my Minix situation?

It's the latest version of Minix3 downloaded from the official site and what I'm getting after I select alternative 1 is a sequence of tries where it looks like it attempts to find a CD but it is busy or not found, I note the exact messages and put them here:

Looking for boot CD
AT0-D2: controller not ready
open ev/cd0d2'failed: operation not permitted
AT0-D1: controller not ready
AT0-D1: reset failed: drive busy
Trying /dev/c0d7
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The fact that it runs Ubuntu does not mean that it should run Minix. Which Minix version? Could you be more precise on the last message(s) you get? –  Matteo Jul 27 '12 at 7:22
@Matteo Thanks for the comment. I've updated the question with more exact information what msg Minix gives. I hope somebody can decode this. –  909 Niklas Jul 27 '12 at 14:17
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