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I am using Foobar2000 for some time and I can't manage to do one simple thing. I wan't to put my media library to the left sidebar, over the Album art panel.

Current state

For now, it works as a separate window. I've installed Foobar on my friend's PC recently and he was able to display his media library as an UI panel so I have no idea why I'm not able to do so. We both using the most up to date Foobar version.

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This may be because you're using ColumnsUI instead of the default UI.

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This has to do with the Layout that you've customized. You have a couple options:

  • Go to View -> Layout -> Quick Setup and pick a pre-defined layout to use.
  • Go to View -> Layout -> Enable Layout Editing Mode and add the album list panel wherever you like.
  • If you want to create a fresh view, go to View -> Layout -> Create Scratchbox and build a brand-new layout from scratch.
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