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Is there an option to force zypper to always install the ${PKG}-devel packages to the packages I install via zypper in $PKG, maybe in a config or cmd? I did not see any but would love to be able to use that on my devel machine, to spare me a lot of typing.

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There is not really a switch, but you can write a small wrapper script. This is an example of how it could look like:

#! /bin/sh


while true
    if [ "$(echo "$@" | cut -d " " -f$i)" = "" ] 
        echo "PACKAGE"
        zypper in "$(echo "$@" | cut -d " " -f$i)"
        echo "PACKAGE-DEVEL"
        zypper in "$(echo "$@" | cut -d " " -f$i)-devel"
        i=$(expr $i + 1)

You can adjust the zypper commands as you wish, e.g. answering all questions with yes by default.

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That only works for packages which actually have a development package. I also will probably hack the source itself rather than creating wrapper scripts. Nevertheless, it is kind of a solution. – drahnr Dec 13 '12 at 11:48

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