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I always used to open a new VLC window; go to "open file"...etcetera when I wanted to watch something because when I click on a file in Windows Explorer and chose "open with" or just clicked on the file or right-clicked to choose "play with VLC" it always opened in an old already used VLC window. Is there any way to get VLC to use a new one without always resorting to: Open VLC, "open file", find file etcetera?

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  1. Go to Tools > Preferences.
  2. Make sure that Allow only one instance under Instances is unchecked.
  3. Choose All at the bottom-left corner, under "Show Settings".
  4. Make sure that Allow only one running instance under "Performance options" is unchecked.
  5. Make sure that One instance when started from file under "Performance options" is unchecked.

Instruction 2 Instructions 4 and 5

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