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I'm changing Linux distributions a lot, wishing to resolve my problems with the wireless card identified as rt73usb, like explained in this question of mine.

Now I'm using Linux Mint 12. I noticed something strange: When my wireless card is blocked or disabled while working, the whole laptop gets stuck. When I press AltCtrlF1 to move to a shell, messages say:

phy0->rt2x00usb_vendor_request:Error-Vendor request 0X0[7,6,1"one of
them"] failed for offest 0X[3034,3000,0000] with error -71

and also:

phy0->rt73usb_load_firmware:Error-failed to write firmware to device.

See here:

What could be the problem? An incompatible driver? I tried to download a new driver for rt73usb from a website and installed it, but it finished with "failed"!

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