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I was looking for some syntax highlighting goodness for handlebars in vim and the installation instructions say to do this...

cd ~/.vim/
git submodule add git:// bundle/handlebars

What is the purpose of this and how does it differ form just cloning the repository in the bundle directory.

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  • Putting one's ~/.vim under version control is trendy.

  • Using Git for that is trendy.

  • git clone … is a convenient, and trendy, way to install a plugin but…

  • cloning another Git repo inside of a Git repo can become messy.

  • Git submodules allow you to do just that, in a less messy manner.

  • And they are trendy.

This Q/A explains submodules briefly and this page of the Git book gives you more bang for your bucks.

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hahah... so I get to be like 2% more hipster now? – Derek Adair Jul 30 '12 at 3:46
With a plugin called "handlebars" your hipsterness bumps by 10 % at least. But I prefered them when they were underground. – romainl Jul 30 '12 at 5:54

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