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I'd like to use my linux server KDE remotely. Is there anyway to do this?

It seems that KDM is running as a TCP service, but I am unsure whether I can use this to connect remotely to graphic interface.

I'd also like to know the case of GNOME.


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If your server has an SSH daemon running, you can forward X traffic over an SSH tunnel quite easily:

localhost$  ssh -X your.server.address
   server$  xclock   # window should appear on local machine

If you want to log in to see your entire desktop remotely, read about Xdmcp. Here's an easy resource.

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x11vnc is a different solution, instead of launching single applications over the tunnel, you remote attach to the remote existing desktop session and control it with the local input devices. Install x11vnc on the remote computer, and enable sshd. From the local computer, create a SSH tunnel:

ssh -t -L 5900:localhost:5900 remote-host-name 'x11vnc -localhost -forever -display :0'

Run a VNC client on the local computer and connect to localhost, protocol VNC, port 5900, display 0 or the like. I can recommend KRDC.

When you are done, close the VNC client, then kill the SSH session to tear town the tunnel.

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