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I want to install guile at a custom location so downloaded the source code and am trying to configure it from with the following command:

./configure --prefix=/home/aman/voxsup-analytics/compiler_build/ins --with-libltdl-prefix=/home/aman/voxsup-analytics/compiler/libtool-2.4/

I have installed libtool at location /home/aman/voxsup-analytics/compiler/libtool-2.4/ and have added the /home/aman/voxsup-analytics/compiler/libtool-2.4/bin to path (bin directory of libtool). I always get the following error

checking for libltdl... no
configure: error: GNU libltdl (Libtool) not found, see README.`

While I am able to run libtool from my shell I cannot understand why this is happening.

The source of guile can be downloaded from here and I am using fedora redhat 16

Any help appriciated.

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I also encountered this problem today. I've finally solved this problem after trying for a long time.

You need to add LDFLAGS=-L/home/aman/voxsup-analytics/compiler/libtool-2.4/lib to the congfigure command.

Hope this could help you and also help others.

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