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I'm aware of why does Total Commander opens Windows Explorer when a folder name is typed and then enter is pressed. In fact, you can see my answer to this question.

Also I've configured TC to open search dialog as soon as I type. So now, to open selected folder I need to type:

  1. Right arrow (to go to command bar).
  2. "cd ".
  3. Ctrl + enter (TC writes selected folder name).
  4. Enter to open.

It is really annoying. Is there any easiest way?

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I don't understand the problem, why you simply can't use just Enter to go inside the folder? Why you have to type it? – kenorb Jul 31 '12 at 1:05
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To avoid running the Explorer, you can change in Configuration -> Quick Search the option to 'Letters - with search dialog'.

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You don't need steps 1 or 2. Just Step 3 and 4 will open the folder in Explorer.

Not sure why the accepted answer is accepted -- your question makes it sound like you want to open a folder in Explorer, whereas the accepted answer is telling you how to avoid running Explorer.

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