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Google Chrome was the default browser that came with my laptop.

I have a Google account which I was logged into Chrome with. Someone else logged into my chrome using their account which has resulted in everything being lost.

I logged in again to find my theme, bookmarks, history, most visited sites were gone and now instead of 'piling up' under the symbol already pinned to the Windows 7 task bar it opens a second symbol on the taskbar and 'piles up' under that instead which has never happened before. I have tried unpinning and repinning which didn't work.

I have tried syncing my account numerous times to no avail, I have searched high and low on the Chrome forums for any kind of answer. I have tried accessing that thing in documents to try and recover my bookmarks but I can't find them (I had hidden files enabled etc etc).

I really really want it back how it was as I had a lot of bookmarked sites and quick access to sites and everything was how i used it, and I hate that it now opens a new icon on the taskbar.

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Has the other user created a new Chrome profile?… – Ilmo Euro Jul 31 '12 at 8:05
He basically logged into his gmail account using the chrome login, I would really rather not have multiple users on my chrome as this seems to have been what caused the issue in the first place Thanks for such a prompt answer! – MHJ96 Jul 31 '12 at 8:09

Try Re-installing chrome and login again.

It seems that when you logged in after the other person, somehow your account synced with that state of chrome and every-time you login, the preferences used are the ones similar to the other user.

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