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I am looking for a script and/or examples of scripts for bulk importing/inserting bugs into a new installation of bugzilla 4.

We are moving from an old DevTrack and need all our bugs inserted.

Our old system is MS SQL based, and I see all the bugs.

The only think I could find on the web is this API frmo Bugzilla (I assume I need to write a perl script and run it on the Bugzilla system -

  • udpate: search on google with the words: import bugs to bugzilla - returned some helpful answers. Will see if that solves my problem.
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There are 2 other ways I have used in the past. Either create a valid Bugzilla XML document and import it with

Or use

Bugzilla XML allows you to specify a lot of details, but is more complicated. Using only allows you to import a subset of the fields, but it may be sufficient and is much easier.

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Thanks, I managed to work with the script. – Saariko Aug 1 '12 at 13:50

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