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Can you use the free version of CrashPlan to backup your hard drive, or most likely a subset thereof, to Google Drive, assuming of course you have enough available space on Google Drive? Are there any "tricks" required for this?

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Your question is not clear. CrashPlan backs up your content to their own servers and other locations on your network. I suppose you could tell it that your Google Drive directory should be used although I would worry about running out of space. Considering your using the unpaid version of CrashPlan your options will be limited. – Ramhound Jul 31 '12 at 13:37

It really depends on what, or if, Google drive limit the types of file you write to their folder. In theory, it should work. I have not tried it, but, under Destinations, select Folders, Click select, and go to your Google Drive folder. Create a new folder and start backing up to that folder. I cannot guarantee that it will work, and you might want to try it on a smaller bunch of files first, and do some tests of restoring files, etc, but, as I said, in theory, it should work...

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When I tested this, I noticed that Google Drive would not synchronize just the bytes that changed in the archive files but the whole files. So if you have a 4 GB backup, this will get uploaded each time a backed up file changes. I would not recommend it.

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