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I have a PDF file (generated using the Save As PDF function in MS Word 2007) where I would like to flip all pages in the document (rotate 180 degrees - so that they will be upside down). I do not have Adobe Acrobat Writer. Can someone recommend a free tool that I can use to do this?

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PDFTK Builder is a free graphical interface to the Windows version of PDFTK making it much easier to use.

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Simply rotate it in Acrobat Reader options and print (I'm assuming you meant you don't have Acrobat Writer, not Reader). You can use CutePDF to print it to a PDF.

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Changed to specify Writer in the original question. – Yaakov Ellis Sep 23 '09 at 14:13

I have been using PDFCreator for years now. It installs a printer driver that you can print to from Acrobat Reader or whatever program you want.

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As a side note: such printer drivers won't create clickable indexes and links. Whenever you can save as PDF from an application directly, that's probably preferred. – Arjan Sep 23 '09 at 14:48

PDFill Tools can do this and its free. It is a very handy program to keep around for all kinds of pdf operations like this.

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